Below is a table of summary what Grabprinting do ✅ and do not ❌

*In short, we only print and deliver, other than that we do not provide.

Do Dont
  • Print & Delivery


  • Artworks are check only after an order is made
  • Any artwork issues, our production teams will email you the exact issues


  • Credit/debit card
  • Bank Transfer (Order will not be processed until the fund is transferred and verified by our account department)


  • Arrange delivery directly to your customer without having Grabprinting’s materials or logo
    • Please put the remark ‘For my customer’ in the note box during checkout
  • Email customer of tracking number and courier company if available


  1. We do not advise on material or material usage
  2. We do not advise artwork or design
  3. By sending us the material and photos and asking us for advice on the artwork, design, material and finishing.
  • We do not advise on the above issues to avoid misunderstanding
  • Customer needs to be very specific on their request if not we will not be able to assist or quote


*If you require artwork services, you can go to this link and engage a designer

  1. Check your artwork before ordering
  2. Edit or amend your artwork
  3. Giving customer step by step instructions to edit, amend or fix on pending issues
  • All artwork issues are 100% machine prompt to ensure you have a good print product, we do not do visual checks.
  • Follow artwork guide in each product link and use the template available to avoid print delay
  • Most of our customers Google / Youtube solutions
  • We do not have designers in our company to guide you on using design software


  1. We do not provide calling services before delivering
  2. We do not provide specific time delivery
  • If you require calling services or specific delivery, please email us and we will quote you the delivery charges separately


  1. We do not provide sample print services


  1. We do not provide quotation by live chats, phone calls or messages.
  2. We do not make assumption of the material and finishing
  3. If our production requires artwork before giving quotation, it is normally due to special finishing. If artwork is not provided as requested by our production team, our production team will not be able to quote
    1. You can find the reason in this link
  • Quotation are provided only by filling in our quotation.
  • Customers need to be specific with the quotation request with all informations as we do not assume what you are looking at.


  1. We do not have credit payment option


  1. We do not provide door to door sales services
  2. We do not have a retail office to provide offline services