Name Card (Art Card)


  • West Malaysia will receive by (01/07/2022)
  • East Malaysia will receive by (05/07/2022)
  • Round corner, please add 1 more working day
  • Hot stamping, please add 2 more working days
  • After 1pm consider as next working day order

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Name card (Art card)

Delivery included
✅Measurement: 89mm x 54mm
✅Custom size from 40mm x 40mm (RM10 per job)
✅1 or 2 side Full Colour Print only
✅Round corner (6mm) and hot stamping (Gold / Silver / Black / Blue / Green / Red) available.
✅Material / Finishing / Measurement:

  1. 260gsm Gloss Art Card with Matt / Gloss Lamination (89mm x 54mm)
  2. 310gsm Gloss Art Card with Matt / Gloss Lamination (Popular!)  (89mm x 54mm)
  3. 360gsm Gloss Art Card with Matt / Gloss Lamination (89mm x 54mm)

Price List

West Malaysia
260gsm Artcard 310gsm Artcard 360gsm Artcard Hot stamping
1 side 2 side 1 side 2 side 1 side 2 side 1 side 2 side
100 RM19 RM21 RM20 RM22 RM21 RM23 RM17 RM34 RM3
300 RM20 RM24 RM23 RM26 RM34 RM39 RM51 RM102 RM9
500 RM24 RM28 RM26 RM30 RM46 RM56 RM85 RM170 RM15
1,000 RM34 RM38 RM39 RM43 RM80 RM97 RM170 RM340 RM30
2,000 RM60 RM68 RM68 RM77 RM146 RM180 RM340 RM680 RM60
3,000 RM87 RM99 RM99 RM111 RM212 RM263 RM510 RM1,020 RM90
4,000 RM113 RM129 RM128 RM145 RM278 RM345 RM680 RM1,360 RM120
5,000 RM140 RM158 RM159 RM180 RM344 RM428 RM850 RM1,700 RM150
6,000 RM167 RM190 RM188 RM213 RM411 RM511 RM1,020 RM2,040 RM180
7,000 RM193 RM221 RM219 RM249 RM477 RM594 RM1,190 RM2,380 RM210
8,000 RM218 RM249 RM250 RM282 RM543 RM677 RM1,360 RM2,720 RM240
9,000 RM245 RM279 RM279 RM317 RM609 RM760 RM1,530 RM3,060 RM270
10,000 RM272 RM310 RM310 RM351 RM675 RM843 RM1,700 RM3,400 RM300
East Malaysia
260gsm Artcard 310gsm Artcard 360gsm Artcard Hot stamping
1 side 2 side 1 side 2 side 1 side 2 side 1 side 2 side
100 RM29 RM32 RM30 RM33 RM31 RM34 RM17 RM34 RM3
300 RM34 RM38 RM37 RM40 RM44 RM49 RM51 RM102 RM9
500 RM38 RM42 RM51 RM56 RM57 RM66 RM85 RM170 RM15
1,000 RM59 RM63 RM75 RM79 RM96 RM112 RM170 RM340 RM30
2,000 RM107 RM116 RM127 RM135 RM177 RM211 RM340 RM680 RM60
3,000 RM156 RM168 RM180 RM192 RM259 RM310 RM510 RM1,020 RM90
4,000 RM205 RM221 RM231 RM248 RM341 RM408 RM680 RM1,360 RM120
5,000 RM254 RM272 RM284 RM305 RM423 RM507 RM850 RM1,700 RM150
6,000 RM303 RM327 RM335 RM360 RM505 RM606 RM1,020 RM2,040 RM180
7,000 RM352 RM379 RM400 RM429 RM587 RM705 RM1,190 RM2,380 RM210
8,000 RM389 RM419 RM453 RM485 RM669 RM803 RM1,360 RM2,720 RM240
9,000 RM437 RM471 RM505 RM543 RM751 RM902 RM1,530 RM3,060 RM270
10,000 RM486 RM524 RM558 RM599 RM833 RM1,001 RM1,700 RM3,400 RM300

Name Card Artwork File Check List

Preparing artwork can be a complex task. To avoid error, extra cost and delay, we have prepared a comprehensive checklist to assist you in preparing your artwork successfully.

Please use and download our name card template
*If standard size is 89mm x 54mm, your artwork page size must be 92mm x 57mm
*If custom size is 50mm x 50mm, your artwork page size must be 53mm x 53mm (1.5mm bleed on each side)

✅Hot Stamping Guide can be found in this link




  • No fonts of less than 4pts
  • Layout Program* : Curve / Create Outline / Path all fonts
  • Adobe Photoshop: Set resolution at or 300dpi and Rasterize Type


  • No hairline less than 0.25pts

​✅Product Size Template

  • Artwork is prepared in the correct PRODUCT SIZE TEMPLATES Background design expanded to Full Bleed size
  • Vital elements are within Safe Zone
  • No crop marks are applied
  • Removed all guidelines and text descriptions in PRODUCT SIZE TEMPLATES

PDF File Format

  • Artwork is saved in required file format: Adobe Acrobat Document 4 – version 1.3 (*.pdf)
  • Resolution: 300dpi
  • Colour mode: CMYK colour mode


  • All pages are placed in the correct sequence you want them to be
  • Artwork File is arranged according to our specification and published to a PDF file.
  • Dummy is in JPEG file format and arranged according to our specification. Add all of your JPEG files into a ZIP file.
  • Other than hyphen (-) and underscore(_), your filename does not include any other marks or symbols
  • No overprint setting is used


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