Wallet Tissue


  • West Malaysia Express Print will receive by (22/07/2022)
  • West Malaysia Normal Production will receive by (05/08/2022)
  • East Malaysia Express Print will receive by (29/07/2022)
  • East Malaysia Normal Production will receive by (12/08/2022)
  • After 1pm consider as next working day order

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Wallet Tissue Printing

  • Delivery included
  • 3 ply tissues
  • Full-colour print
  • Measurement: 11.2x30cm
  • Number of tissue per pack
    • 3 ply X 6 pieces
    • 3 ply X 8 pieces
    • 3 ply X 10 pieces
  • Can be stored for 3 years if the environment is right

Q: Can I have multiple designs in 1 quantity?
A: 1 design per quantity

Q: Can you do sample print before mass production?
A: We do not do sample print. You can order the min quantity if you need a printout.

Q: Do you have a sample?
A: You can purchase the sample in this link

Q: Can I get the prints earlier than the date stated above?
A: We do not promise any earlier date than the date stated to avoid misunderstanding and disappointment. Please use the template and follow the artwork guide to avoid print delay

Artwork File Check List

Preparing artwork can be a complex task. To avoid error, extra cost and delay, we have prepared a comprehensive checklist to assist you in preparing your artwork successfully.



  • Line thickness is not less than 0.5pts.



  • Font size is not less than 4pts (Based on Arial font type size)
  • Small logos which contain wording, the fonts are not less than 4pts.
  • Not using a font type with a sharp end edge (e.g.: Serif font)
  • Layout Program* : Curve / Create Outline / Path all fonts


  • The image must be varnished can be a vector graphic, text, shape, solid colour or picture
  • Background design expanded to Full Bleed size
  • ​Vital elements are within Safe Zone
  • No crop marks are applied
  • Artwork is prepared in the correct Wallet Tissue template

File (2 files)

  • Adobe illustrator – CS6 version only
  • PDF ver 1.3only

Wallet Tissue Template

Wallet Tissue Template

Wallet Tissue Sample Artwork

Wallet Tissue Sample Artwork

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