Warranty Sticker Printing


  • West Malaysia will receive by (04/07/2022)
  • East Malaysia will receive by (11/07/2022)
  • After 1pm consider as next working day order

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Warranty Sticker specification

  • Delivery included
  • Shape: Rectangle / Square / Round
  • Size: 10mm x 10mm (min) to 30mm x 30mm
  • Full-colour print only

Warranty sticker is also known as “Breakaway Stickers” as it is impossible to remove without destroying it. Warranty stickers are the best option to protect your important items as the material is specially made and it breaks like and eggshell.

Artwork File Check List

Preparing artwork can be a complex task. To avoid error, extra cost and delay, we have prepared a comprehensive checklist to assist you in preparing your artwork successfully.




  • ​No fonts of less than 4pts
  • Layout Program* : Curve / Create Outline / Path all fonts
  • ​Adobe Photoshop : Set resolution at or 300dpi and Rasterize Type


  • No hairline less than 0.25pts

​✅Product Size

  • Artwork is prepared in the correct size with 2mm bleed (if artwork is 10x10mm, file size must be 14x14mm)
  • Background design expanded to Full Bleed size
  • ​Vital elements are within Safe Zone (Content must be 4mm from all edges to avoid trim)
  • ​No crop marks are applied
  • ​Removed all guidelines and text descriptions in artwork

PDF File Format

  • Artwork is saved in required file format : Adobe Acrobat Document 4 – version 1.3 (*.pdf)
  • ​Resolution: 300dpi
  • ​Colour mode: CMYK colour mode


  • All pages are placed in the correct sequence you want them to be
  • ​Artwork File is arrange according to our specification and published to a PDF file.
  • ​Dummy is in JPEG file format and arranged according to our specification.
  • Add all of your JPEG files into a ZIP file.
  • ​Other than hyphen (-) and underscore(_), your filename does not include any other marks or symbols
  • ​​No overprint setting is used